Roselle House Faculty & Staff

While Roselle Hall is governed by two staff structures, both academic and residential, all staff work in close coordination to support the community. The academic staff are selected by the College of Arts & Sciences, while the residential staff are selected by Residence Life. The two primary staff members are the Head of Hall, who is a faculty member, and the Resident Director, who lives in the building.

Head of Hall

Matthew W. Wilson, PhD
Associate Professor of Geography

The Head of Hall is responsible for the academic staffing and academic programming of the Hall and sets the intellectual agenda and tone of the building.

Assistant Head of Hall

Christine Blank
Administrative Director of Living Learning Programs in the College of Arts & Sciences

The Assistant Head of Hall oversees a team of Resident Tutors, who are selected to provide residential and academic mentoring for the freshmen residents, and works to support the Head of Hall with all aspects of the academic programming. The Assistant Head of Hall is in direct contact with the Resident Director, who oversees the resident advisory staff.

Resident Tutors

Resident Tutors are peer mentors who are competitively selected to deepen the living and learning experiences of freshmen residents. Each Resident Tutor is assigned around ten residents, who they provide direct residential and academic support throughout the academic year. Resident Tutors are paid on an hourly basis, and report directly to the Assistant Head of Hall. RTs are encouraged to develop and offer additional programming in the Hall in coordination with the residential programming offered by Resident Advisors and the Resident Director.

Resident Director

Marrese Whitsett, Jr.
Residential Life

The Resident Director is responsible for the physical building and the safety and security of the community. The Resident Director oversees the resident advisory staff, office assistants, and other desk staff.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are employed by the office of Residence Life, and are responsible for supporting the residential community, by holding regular meetings, plan and implement regular programs and activities. RAs directly report to the Resident Director, but are encouraged to coordinate with the Resident Tutors in all programming.

Graduate Fellows

While many of our Graduate Fellows are hand-picked by the Head of Hall, graduate students interested in becoming a GF are encouraged to contact the Assistant Head of Hall. Graduate Fellows enjoy the benefits of a small community of scholars, interactions with faculty across the University, and opportunity to expand their teaching experiences within the culture of a Hall. GFs are non-residents but have regular access to the Hall Commons.

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows are selected to participate in the full academic year. Faculty Fellows develop and implement Hall academic programming specific to their interests. Programming which takes place directly in Roselle are preferred, although activities and field trips may be supported as well. Faculty Fellows may apply for funds to support visiting scholars and artists, as well as make use of the Visiting in Residence program offered in the Hall.

Visiting in Residence

Faculty Fellows may choose to apply for use of the guest apartment in Roselle Hall, to be used for visiting scholars and artists during the academic year. These individuals would stay at least a week in Roselle Hall, attend Hall events, and develop/lead one event for the Hall during their stay.

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