Roselle House Peer Mentors

The Roselle House Living Learning Program promotes positive interactions between upperclass students and freshmen who arrive on campus and live in Roselle Hall.  Peer Mentors are students who were a part of the Roselle House program as freshmen & who went through an application/interview process to be selected for this important role.    

Each Peer Mentor is assigned their own group of Roselle House students as mentees.  Peer mentors live in Roselle Hall, and they encourage their mentees to use a variety of academic resources, work to increase student and faculty interactions, and promote attendance at a variety of events.  They are also available to just lend a listening ear or to plan a fun social activity for their mentees.
Sara Assef
Louisville, KY
Major: Biology
Enjoys: Reading, swimming, playing the piano, and learning new languages
I love Wired because it engages new students to get involved and establishes a strong sense of community amongst its members, allowing them to have a successful college experience.

I wanted to be a peer mentor because I believe I can use my own personal experiences as a student of the program to engage new members of the Wired Living Learning Program. Furthermore, as a peer mentor I believe that I can have a positive impact on students entering the University of Kentucky. Additionally, as a Wired peer mentor I hope to provide each student I meet with a sense of community, aid in their overall transition to college life, and provide them with the tools to succeed.

Advice for incoming freshmen:  get involved in all that the University of Kentucky has to offer. It is my strong belief that there is something for everyone and that each student can succeed if they use all the resources available to them. Also, I recommend that incoming students explore their interests to find their passion.


Ann Baillie
Lemont, IL

Major: English

Enjoys: Reading, writing, listening to Taylor Swift, baking

I love Wired because I loved getting to meet people from so many different majors! I was able to meet many wonderful friends, including all of my closest friends, through Wired, and the professors were amazing!

I wanted to be a peer mentor because Wired made my first year at UK a wonderful and unforgettable experience, and I wanted to help the class of 2019 have as great of a time as I did.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Use a planner! I have one that shows the whole month, then has an hour-by-hour breakdown of each day of the month. With this kind of planner, you can see an overall view of what you have to do this month, and you can also mark down how long you plan to spend doing each thing. Make sure to list class assignments and exams, Wired events, club activities, and budget out time for homework and studying!

Miscellaneous: I am a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan, and my favorite food is stuffed pizza.


Kamaria Campbell
Louisville, KY
Major:  Business Management
Enjoys:  Music, family
I love WIRED because I loved the one-on-one attention I got from my teachers, the people I met, and the unique experience the program created for me my freshman year.  Wired was a community and a resource that helped me a lot as a new student..
I wanted to be a peer mentor so I could be in a position to help incoming students and be a reliable source for them.  This is something I had my freshman year and it really made a difference.  So it means a lot to me that I can help someone else in return.
Advice for incoming freshmen:  Keep your eyes open at all times, be open to new things, and be on your A game.  College is the real deal.


Charles "Manny" Davis
Harlan, KY
Major: Undergraduate Studies

Enjoys: Xbox, music, and hanging out

I love WIRED because it engages a positive attitude towards yourself and others around you and helps you meet some fantastic people and learn different ways of thinking about every day tasks and procedures.

I wanted to be a peer mentor because I wanted to be able to make sure that incoming freshmen had a great first experience with college like I did thanks to WIRED. I want to be able to learn from others as they learn from me, and sharing experiences together is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Advice for incoming freshman: Be yourself. Everyone is nervous when first moving off to college in a strange place with thousands of other students around them. Don't be afraid to get out and meet new people and experience new things together.


Allison French
Hebron, KY
Major: Psychology

Enjoys: Reading, going to concerts, painting, and spending time with friends and family.  

I love Wired because I really enjoy the community aspect of the Wired.  I met some of my closest friends through Wired.  I love how there are always new and interesting classes and activities that bring us closer together as a community.  

I wanted to be a Peer Mentor because I'm a firm believer in giving back to my community.  Wired helped me transition into college life and I honestly don't know what I would have done without this community.  I want to be able to help other students adjust to life at the University of Kentucky.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Don't be afraid to get involved! College is an adjustment and may seem overwhelming but finding things that you enjoy and becoming part of a community makes everything better.  At the University of Kentucky, there are a wide range of activities and programs to be a part of.  Try new things and take full advantage of these opportunities!

Missy Horton
Hebron, KY
Major: Psychology
Enjoys: Reading, listening to music, going to concerts, spending time with friends and family, hiking, and being outdoors

I love Wired because it gives students an opportunity to interact with students they would otherwise not come in contact with. All my friends were in the Wired program last year!

Advice for incoming freshmen: Be involved and most importantly be yourself!

Miscellaneous: I'm a first generation college student and I'm the youngest of three kids.



Patrick Mason
Middlesboro, KY
Major: Political Science

Enjoys: Watching Kentucky football, studying politics, making delicious food, frequenting UK Theatre productions, and exploring new places with  friends

I love Wired because the sense of community that Wired has brought to the college experience has made going to UK feel like a home away from home. 

I wanted to be a Peer Mentor in order to advise incoming freshmen about what it takes to be a successful student and person in a new city and tough classroom environment.

Advice for incoming freshmen: My advice is to get out and experience new things. After the classwork and homework is finished, take time to learn more about yourself by experiencing what the city of Lexington has to offer.

Miscellaneous:I love the University of Kentucky and am proud to make the campus community a safe, welcoming environment for all people. I am always available to anyone who needs a friend or a piece of advice at any time.

Rachel Mathys
Elburn, IL

Major: Psychology

Enjoys:  Crafting, baking, volunteering with people with special needs

I love Wired because it gave me a great sense of community. It helped me adjust to being far away from home with no one I knew and helped me find good friends in a big school. I always felt supported and that I had many people I could turn to for help with anything.

I wanted to become a Peer Mentor because I wanted to help new students benefit from Wired as much as I did my freshman year, especially those students coming from out of state like I did.

My advice for incoming freshman is for your first year of classes focus on quality over quantity. Starting with a lower number of credit hours allows you to focus on your classes and give it your all and be successful in your first two semesters at UK while also focusing on adjusting to college life and finding things to get involved in. This definitely benefited me and allowed me to finish my first year with a 4.0 GPA while finding tons of things to get involved in!


Courtney Page
Franklin, KY
Major: Pre-Communications

Enjoys: Reading, writing, shopping, and adventuring

I love Wired because it allows you to connect to people you would otherwise never speak to.

I wanted to become a peer mentor because some of my best friends are other girls from my mentee group; I wanted to encourage others to make those connections and meet new people.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Buy plenty of notecards, you're going to need them.

Miscellaneous: Go Cats!


Nigel Taylor
Boston, MA
Major: Communication
Enjoys:  Fitness. videography, reading, writing, and empowering
I love Wired because it provided me with a smaller community and home-base at such a big university.

I wanted to be a peer mentor to help incoming students transition into school and be a support system whenever they need me. 

Advice for incoming freshmen:  Cherish every single day of your journey at school. The 4 years will fly by and you don't want to look back and wish you had taken more advantage of the opportunities at school. Nothing good comes from comfort zones so have the courage to step out and take risks. Failure and mistakes happen so don't let that adversity break you, instead embrace it, learn from it, and allow it to help you grow into a better individual. 

Miscellaneous:   I'm going to inspire the world with my brand Find Your Comfort. 


Daniel Wei
Danville, KY 
Major: Biology

Enjoys:  Reading, playing piano, coding, cooking.

I love Wired because it allows for people to connect with each other, and function as a community(complete with events!). Even though almost everyone is a different major, it gives insight on what each different field has to offer. 

I wanted to be a peer mentor because I wanted to help smooth out the transition for incoming freshmen, as well as being there to provide/point them to resources that they have access to throughout their year.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Plan ahead. If you know how long something is going to take, don't wait until the last minute to do it.




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