About Roselle

When students return to Roselle Hall, they return to the core reason they study at the University of Kentucky -- to transform their lives and all those around them. The Roselle House Residential College helps students find their core in a classic living and learning environment, with courses and activities designed to keep students focused on their progress toward graduation and beyond, while exploring different fields of study and new innovations in the arts and sciences. With a community built around student-faculty engagements, Roselle students emerge with a strong foundation for a life filled with learning.

Roselle is a suite-style residence hall that opened in 2005. The common room hosts a series of community events, including lectures and seminars, performances and films, coffee hours and pizza parties. These social functions expand the academic role of the Hall, and allow students to socialize with faculty, visiting scholars and artists, and community leaders. All freshmen residents take a course together, An Introduction to Collegiate Life (UKC 110), which can be applied as three hours of UK Core in the humanities.

Be part of the Roselle House tradition at the University of Kentucky.
Find your core. Expand your future.

Roselle House is the only Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky modeled as a residence house similar to those found in the Ivy League. The Hall operates with a Head of Hall, who is a tenured faculty member in the College of Arts & Sciences. The Head of Hall is responsible for the academic staffing and academic programming of the Hall and sets the intellectual agenda and tone of the building. The Resident Director, who is a member of the housing staff of the university, is responsible for the physical building, the resident advisory staff, and oversees the community functions and the unique culture of the Hall.

The academic staffing of the Hall is charged with ensuring the intellectual stimulation and academic success of the students in residence. The Head of Hall is supported by an Assistant Head of Hall, who oversees a team of Resident Tutors (also known as Peer Mentors), who are selected to provide residential and academic mentoring for the freshmen living in the Hall. Faculty Fellows and Graduate Fellows are non-residents from across the University who are selected to attend Hall social functions and provide academic programming for residents.



Students in Roselle House explore their wide-ranging interests, with activities and opportunities designed to keep them focused on their progress toward graduation and beyond. Roselle House works to make a large research university feel smaller and accessible—even cosy! Our interdisciplinary community represents a diversity of fields and degree programs, helping students find what drives them intellectually and professionally. Attend numerous activities with faculty in our commons room and create strong bonds for a life filled with learning. Be part of the Roselle House tradition at the University of Kentucky. Find your core. Expand your future.

Roselle House...

  • accepts all majors and undecided students, freshmen and upperclassmen.
  • offers a connected course which meets in the Hall and fulfills the UK Core requirement in the Humanities.
  • is directed by a faculty member, with many opportunities to meet and connect with faculty and their research.
  • hosts events that connect students with the variety of opportunities across campus.
  • hires peer mentors who live in the Hall and support students with their intellectual pursuits and socialization across campus.
  • has a small-campus feel at a large research institution.
  • means Home.


Head of Hall

Matthew W. Wilson, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, is the Head of Hall (the faculty director) of Roselle House, and as such will help to facilitate the learning experiences of the Roselle House Residential College. Along with Administrative Director Christine Blank and our Roselle House Peer Mentors, the head of halls helps to forward the mission of the living learning program. 

Experiences in and out of the classroom

Roselle House students reap the established benefits of liberal arts education through a residential experience. Learning, development, and innovation occur fluidly and organically outside of the traditional constraints of semesters, courses, and credit hours and within the halls of a residential building.

Students actively participate in the creation and direction of their own education.

Seamlessly integrated socialization and education and meaningful engagement across campus-community boundaries form the cornerstones of this educational experience.


Students in Roselle House create lasting bonds with peers, faculty, and staff. Through weekly, informal conversations and activities, students engage with campus and community leaders. They acquire the time management and study skills to deftly and successfully make progress toward their degree and they find their place in the knowledge-based economy. All in all, these experiences set stage for the development of a holistically-educated citizen ready for tomorrow’s workforce.

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